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A guide to your first interaction with elephants

Updated: May 25, 2021

Hello there, dear reader! If you’re here, then we can safely assume that like us, you too love elephants! Well, elephants are like that. Though they may look huge, scary, and wild, once you spend time with them, you realize just how quiet and lovable they are once you spend time with them. If you love elephants, then interacting with them is going to be an experience you’ll never forget! Elefantastic provides guests with such an amazing experience that they will treasure it forever. For elephant lovers, this could be the best thing ever! So, if you’ve never experienced interacting with elephants, then you’re at the right place!

Guests traveling to Elefantastic must know that an unparalleled experience awaits them. Our elephants, these large land mammals, have such a quiet presence that it might leave you in wonder. This herd of elephants calls Elefantastic their home, and here they reside with many of their brethren.

For your first interaction with an elephant, you must know certain things that’ll guide you and make this experience more fun-filled and less anxiety-filled. First, we’ll talk about touching an elephant. Guests are granted an opportunity to feed the elephants here, so you will be able to touch their coarse skin and will be given a chance to look into their eyes. Let us warn you though, that soon you will be left standing in amazement! However, remember that an elephant’s skin is rougher in some places than others, so it might feel a little different. Also, the back of their trunk is remarkably softer than the front side.

Sometimes, guests begin to stress as an elephant approaches with its ears flapping. Please don’t stress! The elephant is merely cooling itself down. It has fat veins that run beneath the thin skin of the ear and as the elephant flaps its ears against the wind, it helps to cool the blood and therefore its overall body temperature. This flapping, therefore, is not about scaring you, but merely elephants taking care of themselves.

After their daily bathing routine, elephants cover themselves in sand and mud. This acts as ‘sunscreen’ for them, so do not expect to leave your experience squeaky clean, instead, embrace it and love it. Be prepared for this messy and awe-inspiring experience! However, if you are ever in need of any help, the staff at Elefantastic have ample experience and will be able to guide you around the behavior of these majestic animals.

These elephants are very gentle, and they do not mind cameras or movement. So you may click photos, but trust us when we say that no photograph can ever capture the awe-inspiring experience of interacting with elephants.

All being said and done, we think that the most important thing to remember is to respect as with anything in the wild. Respect that elephants are bigger than you, respect that they can change their minds, and respect wild animals. Go with this mindset, and you’ll leave Elefantastic with a happier heart!

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